What Makes A Good Product Manager?

In short, a good product manager knows what to build.┬áThis sounds simple but it’s incredibly tricky to get right. There’s a mixture of skill, talent and wisdom involved. Good product managers have solid intuition. At the same time, they know how to verify their hunches. So, if your looking to get a product manager┬árole in …

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What Is Agile?

The term Agile was born out of the software development industry. The goal of Agile is to provide key principles on which quality software can be built. One of the main aspects of Agile is the iterative approach. This means that building software should be done in completely testable chunks. Working Software Working software is …

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Interested in learning about Progressive Web Apps(PWAs)?This guide will give you an overview of what PWAs are and how they can make your site better. Imagine taking the best features from websites and native mobile apps and combining them. This is what Progressive Web Apps offer. For example, native apps allow for easy access via …

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