Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Ready to grow your business with mobile? A mobile app can help improve customer relationships as well as internal business processes. A fast-loading seamless mobile experience that keeps users from abandoning the session is crucial. After all, according to google, 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Historically, developing a native mobile app for the 2 main platforms, Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android was a very costly prospect. According to Forrester, porting a mobile app "adds a 50% to 70% increment of the cost of the original app for every new mobile operating system an app needs to run on." Budgets for such projects could easily get into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Clearly, building a native app for each operating system or phone type is not always the best idea. In fact, native app development may be impractical for all businesses. As leading tech writer Matt Asay wrote, “Part of this stems from a mobile web experience that keeps getting better.”

With the advent of hybrid mobile frameworks, a single code base can be used to deliver a mobile application that looks and feels just like a native app. Additionally, the same code can be leveraged for not just your mobile app, but your website too. The reusability of modern web frameworks makes this possible. While not all parts of your site can be used across web and mobile, this can lead to significant saving over having to develop a website, a iPhone app, Android app, and potentially a Windows phone app.

How does this all translate into more business? Let’s break it down into categories:


To take advantage of increasing conversions on mobile, your hybrid app needs to load and respond quickly and never make a user wonder what’s going on. Luckily with new technologies such as Hybrid mobile frameworks, progressive web apps, and responsive designs that work just as well on mobile as they do on the desktop, your digital presence can be optimized to increase user engagement across the board.

Private Membership Sites for Customers

E-commerce requires a significant effort in ensuring that your sites are secure. These same security platforms can be leveraged to secure your mobile app for other needs. Membership sites that provide exclusive content, digital downloads, music, video, you name it, it can be done.

Imagine a framework that allows you to host your content across mobile devices whether it be an iPhone, iPad, surface tablet, Android phone. The key is that the user experience should be fast and consistent. Our expertise in hybrid web/mobile app development in combination with our cloud solutions can have your data delivered to the right audience for less than you might expect.

Private apps for Employees

As easily as a hybrid web/mobile app can be tailored to provide private customer content, it can be tailored to serve your employees. The exact same frameworks and code can be leveraged to provide your employees with the information they need to get the job done. Using Azure and Amazon cloud solutions, essential data can be uploaded to the cloud where it will not only be secured with backup and recovery capabilities, but also will be available to your apps for consumption. Some use cases for these solutions include:

GPS Tracking

If you have vehicles or any resource that needs to be tracked mobile devices with built in GPS can be leveraged to show you real time and historical data about your resources.


Your documents, audio, and video used for training can be hosted on the cloud and delivered to your employees, wherever they may be.

Sales tracking

Understanding the performance of your salespeople and providing them with the tools they need to succeed can be easily accomplished with our sales tracking solutions. Best of all, it can all be integrated with existing infrastructure such as Outlook, Gmail or others.

Small to Medium Businesses

Regardless of the size of your business, we can help establish your digital presence and more. Setting up or optimizing your website is just the beginning. We can analyze your existing site and inform you on what needs to be done to make it work seamlessly across all types of devices. Is your site looking dated? We can propose multiple options on giving your site a facelift. If you need to start from scratch we can help providing you with a full solution that’s beautiful and works from the start.